10 Heathcliff Comedian Strips That Make Zero Sense

Newspaper and journal comedian strips can present a variety of leisure— and never all the time deliberately. Teams of followers have all the time discovered a technique to poke enjoyable at strips like Cathy, Funky Winkerbean, Household Circle, and extra. Nevertheless, among the strangest examples of cartoon weirdness come from Heathcliff.

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Heathcliff typically particulars the mischief an orange cat will get into round his neighborhood. Over time, the comedian has taken a flip from cat jokes to the often weird tangent. Peter Gallagher, who took over the strip his uncle George Gately created, has said in an interview that he tries to keep away from conventional gags, and as a substitute works at assembly his personal offbeat humorousness. “Offbeat” is among the most excellent methods to explain Heathcliff.

10 “Grandma Made Him Add The Fig Leaf.”

Heathcliff painting robot with a fig leaf

The determine portray gag comes again each occasionally in Heathcliff comics. The robotic is a recurring character as effectively, serving an undisclosed perform. He apparently lives in the identical house as Heathcliff, the place he receives little to no respect. On this strip, the 2 characters cross paths.

Right here, Heathcliff is portray the robotic, one thing that he can accomplish that effectively that it unnerved his aged proprietor. She’s additionally so puritanical that any nudity offends her, even when it isn’t remotely anatomically correct. So Heathcliff has added a strategically positioned fig to his work leaf simply to appease her.

9 Mr. Magoo Errors Heathcliff For A Sure Different Comedian Strip Cat

Mr Magoo guest spot in Heathcliff

Heathcliff was created in 1973 and Garfield in 1976, although many individuals falsely consider the previous to be a rip-off of the latter. Their visible similarity is hanging, however the tone is vastly completely different, largely on account of reputation. Sometimes this will get introduced up as a recurring gag in Heathcliff, irritating the cat immensely.

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On this strip, Mr. Magoo makes the error, enjoying off of the poor eyesight that causes so many misadventures in his personal cartoons. Characters from different comics, tv reveals, and films pop up repeatedly. It creates this bizarre inner logic that every one of those characters share the identical universe on account of their connection to Heathcliff.

8 What Do You Name A College Of Brofish?

brofish in Heathcliff comic

Heathcliff’s relationship with fish modifications from indifference to a conventional predator/prey dynamic. Normally, readers solely see a pair of fish in a smaller, spherical fishbowl. This time the comedian depicts an oblong fish tank with 5 virtually an identical fish.

These fish can one way or the other make noise that may be heard outdoors of the tank. The one factor they will apparently say is “bro,” which they do incessantly. After all, the little boy in Heathcliff’s home lets his buddy know that the fish are “brofish.” Nevertheless restricted their vocabulary is, one has to admire speaking fish.

7 The Crossovers Proceed on the Comedian Strip Cafe

Ziggy Henry, Heathcliff and Dondi at the comic strip cafe

But one other crossover got here in a comic book that wasn’t essentially humorous apart from the way in which it framed the world of Heathcliff. This incorporates a restaurant known as the Comedian Strip Café the place the clientele is nearly completely the characters from comedian strips.

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This strip has Ziggy chatting with the equally bald Henry, which is odd in and of itself on account of Henry by no means talking. Heathcliff is laughing at a joke from Irwin Hasen’s Dondi. Whereas Gallagher does not seize the identical cartoonish allure of Irwin Hasen, he is aware of to make the gag work— all that’s wanted are these giant, black eyes.

6 How Many Cats In This City Can Fly A Scorching Air Balloon?

Heathcliff in a hot air ballooon confusing neighbors

On this comedian from 2017, Heathcliff goes down the road in a scorching air balloon. Two previous males standing on a avenue nook witness this, and one remarks that he thought it was his cat for a second.

What number of cats on this city can fly a scorching air balloon, a lot much less personal one? What’s it wish to stay in a city the place cats fly scorching air balloons at such a low altitude? To Heathcliff’s credit score, he’s attempting to ascend as he goes in the direction of the skyscrapers.

5 There Was A Rubbish Ape Film In The Works?

Heathcliff tried to make a Garbage Ape movie?

The Rubbish Ape is a recurring character that runs in swinging trash cans. The animals of the neighborhood thrill at his arrival. There appears to be no rhyme or purpose for his arrivals, both. His legend looks as if simply the factor to warrant a characteristic movie in Heathcliff‘s world.

It is unclear who’s informing whom about funds worries. Heathcliff is outwardly the director, however he is the one one within the comedian that may very well be speaking— and he does not discuss. Lastly, there’s the story of the Rubbish Ape film happening, which truly appears to be like like one thing that is likely to be entertaining.

4 So Who Made All of These Bro T-Shirts?

Bro T-Shirts Make For a Beautiful Day in Heathcliff

These speaking birds come up each occasionally. Since Heathcliff does not discuss, the comedian depends on statement from outdoors events. Right here, these birds are commenting on it being a “stunning day within the neighborhood.” Additionally, each animal and particular person is sporting an identical t-shirt with the phrase “Bro” emblazoned throughout the chest.

Gallagher’s fascination at one time with the phrase “bro” apart, who managed to get all of those animals to put on these t-shirts? Who had these shirts made? There’s not an enormous marketplace for clothes for rabbits, birds, frogs, and butterflies. The belief must be that Heathcliff organized all of it as a result of it’s his comedian.

3 Sesame Road Is On this Shared Universe, Too?

oscar the grouch guests in Heathcliff comic

Cartoon characters should not as shocking making cameos in one other cartoon. Heathcliff apparently shares his universe with Garfield, Ziggy, Dondi, Marmaduke, and others. Heathcliff additionally exists in the identical world as Sesame Road. Oscar the Grouch is correct there, headlining the Rubbish-Males’s Ball with Heathcliff.

It is not inconceivable that the Rubbish Males would have an annual ball with leisure. Both Oscar the Grouch or Heathcliff bought the invitation to carry out at one. Whomever it was, they contacted the opposite as a result of they apparently run in the identical circles.

2 The Rubbish Ape Is Even Extra Random As an AT-AT Walker

Heathcliff's Garbage Ape as an AT-At walker from Star Wars

The Rubbish Ape typically reveals up in costumes, often across the holidays. Moreover, he’ll typically present up somewhat out of context. Then there was the time he reworked into an AT-AT walker from Star Wars to courageous the snow of the neighborhood.

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It is so weird to see the Rubbish Ape on this context. The one rational clarification is that the Rubbish Ape constructed an AT-AT Walker together with his head on it for simply such an event as this snowstorm. After all, this does not appear to be greater than a few inches of snow, so perhaps he simply wished to point out off.

1 The Lincoln Health club Solely Makes Sense to Electrical Six Followers

abe lincoln themed gym in Heathcliff

One of many weirdest Heathcliff Comics must be the one which apparently references a 2003 music video from the band Electrical Six. On this video there is a health club within the 1863 White Home populated solely with Abe Lincolns.

The comedian’s visible is unusual sufficient, however with a non-sequitur line about them popping up throughout, it turns into more odd. It is uncertain if the man saying the road is speaking in regards to the gyms or the Abe Lincoln look-alikes. After all, there’s additionally the actual fact of the rotund Heathcliff dressed like Abe Lincoln to get in and do some curls.

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